None Angry™ - Quiet Baffles Twin-Cam / pre 2017 Touring

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Set of 2 pcs,

Fitment : Forsch Mufflers 1998-2016 HD Touring 

1996-2016 Forsch Mufflers Touring  - Developed to Enhance the v-twin sound and aggression just a little more than your stock factory muffler

Disclaimer:  A stock engine tuner is sufficient for normal everyday street use, if the only engine/intake/fuel system modification you have done is your Forsch Mufflers! However an Engine Tuner is recommended (along with high flow intake) to fully appreciate these pipes, and if any other modifications have been made. Please note as with a stock / modified engine/exhaust,  Damage wear & tear may occur faster than normal by practicing aggressive riding such as applying instant full throttle at low RPM's! - read the HD manual - they don't like it when riders crank the throttle in a higher gear at low RPM vs gearing down and increasing, increasing RPM and reducing engine loads - if you pound it it all the time it will break, if you find you are always on the throttle - it could be time for Cams, Compression Increase, Bore kit etc.