About Us

Our Story

Forsch Performance was founded in 2011 by Aaron Reimann, an enthusiast and fellow rider, that saw a need in the V-Twin motorcycle industry for dynamic mufflers and changeable baffles, that also achieved an ultra-clean appearance. After being a mechanical engineer making mufflers and being a part of the motorcycle industry for 20 years. Forsch Performance was inspired by NHRA and NASCAR racing in the 70’s and 80’s combined with deep roots in the North American OEM Exhaust Industry since the 70’s. Focusing on Harley Davidson motorcycles and Indian motorcycles, our baffles and end caps are known to be ‘easy to tune‘ and interchangeable to create almost endless combinations for sound and performance levels. Something else special, Forsch’s Mufflers are fully tunable from the inside out. We take pride in being a product design and manufacturing company that produces high quality performance products in Prince William New Brunswick.


Our Mission

Saving lives 1 Db at-a-time! We strive to develop and manufacture great quality products for the V-Twin motorcycle market. Our products are built to enhance your riding experience and adapt to your changing tastes.